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Benefits of Interview Preparation by Internship Time

Mock interview with senior in your industry on call
See what a real interview is like and become confident. Identify your weaknesses.

Coaching from an HR expert on how to do better
30-minute session with HR recruitment expert. Customized lesson based on mock interview performance. Learn advanced interview techniques to stand out.

Report to help prepare for future interviews
Details on how to fix your weaknesses. Additional information to further improve your skills. An easy reference guide for job interview best practices

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this help me get hired?

After spending hours, days, even months applying to jobs to get this opportunity, it is a pity to not make the most of the opportunity. InterviewPro prepares you for this crucial step and final step between you and your job offer. Candidates that purchase InterviewPro have seen a drastic improvement in their interview success rate, and are able to get more job offers, with the same number of interviews.

Who will take my interview?

Your mock interview will be conducted by someone senior, currently working in your field itself. We go to great lengths to find a relevant interviewer so the interview is as realistic as possible.

How will I conduct the mock interview? Is it face to face or on the phone?

To make the process easier and quicker we conduct mock interviews on the phone. You can thus complete your mock interview during the weekdays in a break.

Who is the HR expert that does the HR coaching call?

HR experts are people that have worked in the recruitment space and conducted 100+ interviews. Their vast knowledge and experience, coupled with a cutting-edge knowledgebase and research.